Marketing Training

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I’ve recorded several training courses for LinkedIn Learning. You can find them all here.

But my two favorites are:

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Bespoke Training

Multi-day, all-day and half-day digital marketing training. Don’t expect Big Formal Corporate Training. I’m a quirky guy. Sessions are fun, for me and for your team.

They’re also very information-dense. Expect frantic notetaking. I record session audio and slides or video.

But my training isn’t just a brain dump. There’s plenty of time for Q&A and discussion. I prefer to let folks interrupt along the way, but can adjust to keep us on schedule.

Content is custom and is your property.

Topics include:

  • Digital marketing top-to-bottom
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content creation, production, and/or strategy
  • How-to’s for content, auditing and workflow
  • Site review and audit walkthru

I’ve conducted trainings for 20+ years. I still love it, and I pour a lot of energy into each session, spending about 8 hours on preparation for each hour of training conducted.

I take this stuff seriously.

If you’re interested, send me an email: