Content Creation For Really Small Teams

All the case studies about content that generated 50,000 customers can make you feel like a complete loser, and I’m here to say you’re not, and you’re not alone.

This morning I spoke to Loyal VC about content creation for small teams. This deck has the tips and rules I apply when resources and time are both scarce. Which, let’s face it, is 99.99999% of our working lives.

Oh, also: The capybara are back!!!! I couldn’t stop myself.

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Site Replatforming: 51 Must-Do To-Dos

I have a love/hate relationship with site replatforming projects: Migrating from one CMS/e-commerce platform/whatever to another is an opportunity. Great things can happen! Yay! Or, you can end up with a feculent pile of badly-written code and shortcuts that bogs down your business until the next time you replatform. This is my stream-of-consciousness list of things you must do for a stench-free project.

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