Content Creation For Really Small Teams

All the case studies about content that generated 50,000 customers can make you feel like a complete loser, and I’m here to say you’re not, and you’re not alone.

This morning I spoke to Loyal VC about content creation for small teams. This deck has the tips and rules I apply when resources and time are both scarce. Which, let’s face it, is 99.99999% of our working lives.

Oh, also: The capybara are back!!!! I couldn’t stop myself.

The deck:

Don’t let the slide count scare you. It’s a quick read:

Some Links

Canva Color Palette Generator lets you create a palette even if you’re color-impaired (like me)

Daring Fireball’s Markdown Syntax Guide

My Moz Whiteboard Friday about Markdown. Please, please, please ignore the photo. Please.

Snagit for screen captures. Worth every penny

Squoosh: My favorite image compression tool

I use Trint for video and audio transcription

Typora: A great content creation tool

Me, on Twitter (@ianlurie), because I crave attention

Me, on LinkedIn

I have a course on called Copywriting For Business. I wore a jacket. Check it out!

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