How To: Find And Replace Fonts In Powerpoint

I don’t do tips posts, but this one was so dang exciting. You can find and replace fonts in Powerpoint. I. Am. Stunned. I am filled with joy. I am now babbling using a keyboard, so I’ll stop.

Context: I’m a font nerd. Compulsive, actually. I found a better font for my upcoming MarketingProfs presentation and figured I’d have to use the format painter to make the change, one text box at a time. Groan.

Yes, I know how slide masters work, smarty-pants. These are callouts.

While procrastinating, I clicked on edit >> find. The heavens opened:

Image: In the edit menue, click Find, then Replace Fonts.

Simple as that. I searched. I replaced. I conquered. I’m going to walk up to random people on the street and say “Hey, did you know you could find and replace fonts in Powerpoint?”

I did all this in Powerpoint for MacOS. If it doesn’t work in Windows, my apologies. One more reason to switch…