First Post


After 25 years running Portent, I’ve decided to head out on my own.

I was not “forced out.” Nor did I leave because I don’t like working here. It’s just time. I’ve spent my entire adult life (give or take a few years) running an agency. I saw us grow from one person to a team of forty. We were acquired.

Leaving Portent is bittersweet. I’ll miss the team (getting slightly misty as I write this). But the agency is in a great place. The leadership team is amazing. They’ve been running the place for a year now while I sit in my corner office and try to make myself useful.

It’s a little like dropping a child off at college. You’ve done your job. They’re ready to do their own thing. You’ll miss them. On the other hand, you’re getting an extra room.

Which brings me to the future: I’ll be doing all the stuff you see in the navigation: Consulting, training, and speaking.

I know, I know: “Ian, why were you so mysterious about this?!!”

I was uncomfortable saying “Hey, I’m going to be a consultant in a month!” and starting to build a client list while still working for Portent. So, I delayed a bit.

If you’d like to talk about working together, please, send me an email at Or call me: 206.579.2569. My Twitter and LinkedIn remain the same (see below).

Note: There’s a much nicer site coming. Stay tuned.