The Perfect Blog Post

Breathless, content-free intro.

Self-deprecating humor. Anecdote about favorite hobby aw-shucks-I’m-just-like-you.

The real point.

  1. Numbered list
  2. Of anything
  3. I can think of
  4. And one idea
  5. Broken up into
  6. Ten absurdly small ones
  7. So that I can call this post
  8. Top 10 ways
  9. To do
  10. Keyword

Anecdote with thinly-veiled political reference.

Challenge To Fight Me If You Don’t Agree!!!! See! I Am Authentic!!!

Level 2 heading because an SEO pro told me to

Self-deprecating humor. Followed by strongly-worded, sober advice.

Passive-aggressive anecdote only That One Person will understand.

A great alt attribute, of course

Witty commentary.

Nofollow link to another blog.

Inspirational wrap-up!

Sales pitch for my latest book.

Request for comments below.

The end.

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