The Perfect Blog Post

Breathless, content-free intro.

Self-deprecating humor. Anecdote about favorite hobby aw-shucks-I’m-just-like-you.

The real point.

  1. Numbered list
  2. Of anything
  3. I can think of
  4. And one idea
  5. Broken up into
  6. Ten absurdly small ones
  7. So that I can call this post
  8. Top 10 ways
  9. To do
  10. Keyword

Anecdote with thinly-veiled political reference.

Challenge To Fight Me If You Don’t Agree!!!! See! I Am Authentic!!!

Level 2 heading because an SEO pro told me to

Self-deprecating humor. Followed by strongly-worded, sober advice.

Passive-aggressive anecdote only That One Person will understand.

A great alt attribute, of course

Witty commentary.

Nofollow link to another blog.

Inspirational wrap-up!

Sales pitch for my latest book.

Request for comments below.

The end.

4 Comments The Perfect Blog Post

  1. Poor Selfimage

    This is a Perfect Comment. Remark that I usually agree with you on most things. BUT in all caps. Nitpick on an obscure and non-essential detail of your post. Passive aggressive non-compliment about you usually being better than that. Hope we can sitll be friends!

  2. Bonni

    Adulation of blog for brownie points. Confirmation of my laughing out loud. Obligatory reminder that I find you smart and entertaining


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